Two great tastes that taste great together: Yoga and RPGs

Yeah, I’m a nerd: I’m doing some yoga and thinking about my chakras (the solar plexus is bothering me lately, all wound up in knots and acid, but less so than in the past) and looking forward to taking a day off to play Warhammer when I realize RPG character classes fit with the chakras.

Oh, is nothing sacred? But the beauty of a good system of ideas is that you can fit other ideas on top of them, whether either system likes it or not. I’ve been using “leveling” instead of “crossing the gateless gate” for years, so I suspect I was bound to put these ideas together eventually.

  • Root (security, survival; earth) – Tank chakra – Protect others
  • Belly/sacral (sex, creativity; water) – DPS chakra – Use discipline to respond to the unexpected in unexpected ways
  • Solar plexus (power, growth; fire) – Blaster chakra – Raw power to control the situation
  • Heart (relationships, love; air) – Healer chakra – Restoring wholeness
  • Throat (expression, truth; sound) – Mage chakra – Can’t stop the signal
  • Brow (insight; vision) – Rogue chakra – How does that lock work?
  • Crown (universality; aura) – Necromancer/Demon summoner chakra – Thinking along Stephen Brust lines here, crossing dimensions

I have doubts about Throat and Brow, but the rest seem pretty solid.


I watched the Watchmen!


Curtain time!


  1. beak

    I guess you realized that you were crossing demensions at the last point, but you started in WoW, Went to City of Heroes, and then into DnD.

    I would have thrown, Bard into throat, Mage into Brow (oh, thats how the spell reacts to other magical objects)

  2. DeAnna

    Hey, I just used whatever I was most familiar with.

    I originally put Mages on brow, but then I realized most Mages don’t do research. They memorize spells, which are usually in a different language to prevent n00bs from thinking about it too much. So no. A research Mage would be split between both.

    I was thinking about Bards–they’re more of a dual-class character, participating in heart and throat.

    Paladins? Same, but root and heart.

    I clerics clerics as being crown, to offset necro, aka WoW Warlock, but the actions of a cleric really don’t deal with things outside of yourself (despite being powered by a higher being) – clerics don’t have little angels that do stuff for them, generally (although that would be neat), so a cleric would be a blend of heart (the relationship with the higher power) and whatever the main focus was.

    Anybody with a pet, however, would also, at least in part, use crown.

    Engineers go with Rogues (putting something together requiring the same skills as deconstructing it).

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