• @ChuckWendig @doycet Three times for humor – gave rule of three to daughter to explain that sometimes a lot of a good thing is too much. in reply to ChuckWendig #
  • Snowed last night. Not too bad. Still planning to go to chocolate festival. #
  • @mightymur What church DO you go to? in reply to mightymur #
  • I'm getting better at this editing stuff. At least, faster. First pass on a 13-page chapter done in just over an hour. Read-aloud time. #
  • Done: Chapter 17/32. "Remind me what I'm wearing black for? Oh, yeah. All my clothes are black." #DeNoReWriMo #
  • I ate so much chocolate at the chocolate festival that I came home slightly dizzy. I want to try out a chocolate drink, but don't dare. #
  • My personal best of show @ chocolate festival: http://www.chocolateofgods.com/main.html #
  • BTS Chocolate was a close second. http://www.btschocolate.com/ The puns…the kilt…the yummy… #
  • A lot of the booths at the chocolate festival were small businesses, working out of their homes. Awesome. #

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