• Had a blast last night at the Cottonwood Day of the Dead open house. I want to make a bone half-mask… #
  • And the Halloween work party wasn't bad, either. Hats off to Pumpkin & Pi. #
  • Today: Mouseguard at FalCon. http://warhorn.net/FalCon/ Goodness…I am being social this weekend. And geeky. #
  • November begins DeReWriMo, De Rewrite Month. 17 chapters to check for rewrites, 32 chapters to polish and check for @#$%#% and !!!!!!! #
  • Oh yeah…I got 2nd place for my "Evil Tooth Fairy" costume last night. Heather had this awesome Medusa getup, tho. Pumpkin Pi = #1. #
  • You need some NaNo advice? I got your NaNo advice right here: http://blog.deannaknippling.com/?p=1847 #
  • Trick or treated…Ray got cold before I was ready to come home. Awww…but then she answered the door for us, so that was okay. #
  • @doycet Loving Robert McKee's Story already. "Story is about respect, not disdain, for the audience." <3 #

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