My murder mystery party game expansion is LIVE, baby, LIVEHollywood Lies rocks on.

They did need a few names of some cheesy horror movies, though, for the Halloween edition, Halloween Lies (same game, just different movie names).  So I coughed up these:

  • Pumpkins over Paraguay – The president of a small country is being
    impersonated by a demonic jackolantern.
  • Brains and the Beast – A woman lures a strangely deformed man into
    murdering..for love!
  • Blood Red Hood – A helpless geisha is pursued through a medieval
    Japanese forest by a group of thugs…but are things really what they
    seem? (Ninja Horror Movie!)
  • The Boneshaker Carousel – After a mysterious carnival comes to town,
    children begin to disappear.*
  • The Sound of Screams – A schoolteacher tries to hide her charges in an
    ancient castle during the Nazi invasion of a small town in the Alps.

Comedies and Musicals. Feel the love.

*In honor of Cheri Priest’s Boneshaker, which I really really want to read and will probably buy When the Royalties Come In.  Like, Thursday. [Victory dance.]