The Devil-Devil Man Wulgaru

Reading the Otherland series* by Tad Williams, I wandered across the legend of the Wulgaru:

He chanted the most powerful incantations he knew, and tapped the figure with his woomera. The sun sank, dusk changed to dark and, daring the evil spirits of the night, Djarapa chanted and tapped without stopping on through the night and the dim light of dawn, on through the morning song of birds and the growing daylight, on and on as the sunlight dappled the ground under the trees; and all the time the Wulgaru lay motionless, unresponsive to the chanting, staring upwards with its stony eyes.

After Djarapa abandons his creation, it begins to follow him. Tad Williams puts it forth as a metaphor for machines, how they sem lifeless, but comes to possess the world one lives in, almost as a monster or spirit.

*I’m almost done with Book Two, River of Blue Fire. I still haven’t decided whether it’s a fantasy or science fiction series. At first I thought it was a fantasy, but the fantasy worlds turned out to be VR. Now I’m starting to suspect a few fantasy elements here and there…as with the rest of Tad Williams’s work, the series is one novel, split into smaller books, so you don’t really get a climactic ending from one book to the next. I also haven’t decided whether it’s good or not, because there are so many plotlines, and he switches back and forth between them so often, that’s it’s hard to get a feel for what’s going on at times.




Alice, the Other Wonderland

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  1. Boulder Dude

    The third book kind of bogs down. Like he had a great idea for the end chapter, but needed to fill a whole book to get to it. The last book is good though.

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