The Chocolate Story is Kicking My Ass, or How I’m Learning to Love Writer’s Block

Writer’s block.


I am currently experiencing a bad case of writer’s block over The Chocolate Story (working title), which I am writing to give as a Christmas present.  So no time crunch there or anything.

I had a plan.  I followed the plan for two perfect sections…and then, Part 3.

Part 3 did not go as planned and in fact went so far off the plan that the rest of the Parts aren’t going to go according to plan, either.  Except, as far as the big picture goes, what I wrote in Part 3 serves the same purpose as what I planned to write.

I just couldn’t write what I planned to write.

For example, I’d planned to write a scene where two female characters fail to get along so epically that they pushed the story where I wanted it to go.  Instead, they snipped a little at each other, and, both being pretty intelligent, let it go.

I could have rewritten the scene to force the story to follow the plan, but I kind of liked them that way.  And then, after I agreed they could get along, they didn’t; they had a flaming row that ended in tears and bewilderment.  But I liked that too; I’m a big fan of irony.

Had I forced myself through the block, I wouldn’t have written a scene that I like as much as I like this one.

Listen–wait–wait, you have to listen–

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