Survival of the Fittest.

For Guinea pigs, being as inconvenient to eat as possible is a viable survival strategy. This is why our peeg will immediately climb under the nearest piece of furniture available — not because he hates Lee.


Tech Editor!


Mojo Nixon.


  1. Lee

    Okay, but if he doesn’t hate my, how come I’ve woken up on three seperate occassions and he’s perched over me, a tiny stilletto in his little claw and he’s whispering something in a demonic chant, his beady eyes glowing with feral intent! Huh? Why?

  2. Jackie

    He hates you. She’s just trying to find a way to make you ok with it.

  3. DeAnna

    I saw a woman today who looked like our pig. She had brown hair that had been dyed coppery orange, had been overtanned, and–this is the best part–when she talked, her jaw made little circular munching motions, just like pig does when he eats a carrot.

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