What do you want in a diner?

A place to eat, and decent (if heavy) food to eat. Hm…decent service?

Pfft. I didn’t ask, “What’s reasonable in a diner?” What do you really want?

Fine. I want basic comfort food so good it puts most restaurants to shame. Plus some weird stuff. I want to laugh when I read the menu. I want atmo that ain’t flair, flair, flair. I want service that takes one look at me and finds exactly what I want on the menu, orders it for me, and brings it out just as my ass hits the chair. I want good coffee, dammit, and keep it coming. I want a diner run by @#$%^& geeks, man. I WANT COMIC BOOKS.


Tip: Just order the side of green chili. The waitress saved my life and didn’t let me order a whole bowl of the stuff. I have a burn on the side of my mouth from where it touched the outside of my lips. OMFG it was so worth it, though.

We went to the diner on Bijou. The service wasn’t quite that fast, but it was pretty close. If I love you, I will take you here next time you’re in town.