On genres.

In an era that believes in a scientific explanation for spirits, ghost stories aren’t fantasy – they’re science fiction.


Writer’s Toolbox: Revising Chapters


Carrie Newcomer concert in town last night.


  1. Artillery MKV

    Any sufficiently advanced technology will appear to be magic to a less advanced civilization. (apologies for the paraphrase . . .work computer network suxxors!)

    So, I suspect that ghosts are highly evolved future humans whose entirely psionic existance triggers the memory centers of less evolved humans so that they see haunting images of people from their past.

    Or something like that . ..

  2. DeAnna

    I was actually reading EF Benson stories – 1900, turn-of-the-century ghost stories. Table turning. Mediums. Spiritualism.

    Arthur Conan Doyle was a Spiritualist, you know. A nifty steampunk idear right there.

  3. Artillery MKV

    Yum! Steampunk spiritualism!

    Reminds me of Ghostrock in Deadlands. Burns like coal, provides amazing amounts of energy, but wails like the souls of the damned as it burns and releases evil spirits into the world. Fun!

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