Musical Interlude: Pink Martini

Meetings are good for me. I get a lot of brainstorming done, a lot of networking.

Like the other day. I was in a meeting and sat next to someone I don’t talk to much. We spent the meeting passing notes back and forth making fun of the people on the other side of the teleconference, and now I have a friend for life. Very productive.

Anyway, I also like to brainstorm ideas while in meetings. The latest story idea started in a meeting. The person two chairs down was was talking about April Fool’s Day, and the person next to him thought he said “paper fool’s day” instead. “Paper Fools.” How can you pass up a title like that?

Shortly afterwards, I got in a discussion about mass murderers, and why people wig out and kill their entire family. (The interesting answer we found was that the killers are so egotistical, they don’t know where they stop and their families begin; to them, it’s a thorough and responsible way to commit suicide, leaving no limbs behind.)

And then after that, I started to wonder, if some states legalize gay marriage and others don’t, whether the states that do would see a lower level of domestic violence and lost-job-came-home-and-killed-wife-and-kids. (I saw a study that suggested gay relationships, not having to deal with sex roles as much as straight relationships do, were, on average, happier. If legalizing gay marriage makes straight marriage less valid as it is currently interpreted and people stop living out sex roles and reserving their true nature for their friends, then possibly couples would be happier and less likely to hurt each other. Possibly.)

And then I borrowed a Pink Martini CD.

Here’s their version of Que Sera Sera. Creepy and campy at the same time, as atmospheric as the bubble clouds you get before a tornado.

Here’s the lighter (but similarly-themed) Hang on Little Tomato, which strikes me as a Dave or Kate song, all swing clarinets. An LA Story song.

Here’s Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler, the perfect theme song to not-doing housework. A Margie song if there ever was one; I think I’m going to try to memorize it, even though I’m going to have to look up a lot of the words.

And, finally, here’s a salsa Bolero, with slightly (very slightly) NSFW still pictures (title of clip: “Lez movie’s”). Alas, the only version I could find with a good soundtrack. I’m sure you’re all devastated.

In the middle of all this is something. I just don’t know what yet.


Insert witty Mark Twain quote here.


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  1. ***Dave

    I enjoyed the “Hang on little tomato” song (despite my aversion to tomatoes), but it wasn’t at the top of my list.

    I do like “Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler” — and, yes, I can see it as a Margie theme song.

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