I finally got caught up on my short stories in my spreadsheet today.  Bad writer!  Bad!

Here are the short story rejections I’ve received from April-present:  12*

Here are the stories I’ve finished since April (8), when I started purposefully doing more of them:

  • The Cargo of the Gods (SF)
  • People Juice (Crime)
  • The Cliff House (F)
  • Murder God of West Branch (F)
  • Winter Fruit (F)
  • Uvlechenie (SF)
  • Miracle, Texas (F)
  • The Procrustean Mirror (F)

I should be done with “The Resignation” (SF) tomorrow.

I have two more stories (old ones) out for submission, “Abominable” (H) and “Things You Don’t Want” (H), which makes:

  • Science Fiction: 3
  • Crime: 1
  • Fantasy: 5
  • Horror: 2

The next one should be a mystery, n’est-ce pas?  Of the genres that I like to read, I haven’t written any mysteries.  Sure, the other genres have elements of a mystery story, but they aren’t actually mystery stories.

I’ve submitted to eighteen different markets since April.

Rejections to date this week:  3.

Most rejections received on one day:  5 (including novel rejections).

General cockiness level:  Not terribly.  But it’ll take more than this to cow me!

*Which makes it look a lot less painful. Except I keep getting novel rejections at the same time.  But more on that later.