I’ve decided to stop posting weekly free stories.

I’m still going to post a story every week; I’m just not going to put them up for free for all, every week.  I’ll have exceptions.

The reason is this:  very few people are taking me up on them.  For example, last week, I had one person do it.  For free.

I’m still sending personal friends and family stories, if they’ve asked me to be on the list.  Nevertheless, I’m telling about 3000 people every week.  I’m pretty sure I’m not that bad at covers or descriptions, and I keep getting published, so I’m not that bad at writing, either.  I’m just puzzled.  I’m going to call it, after almost six months, a failed experiment (even though I don’t know why it’s failed) and let it go.

On the other hand, while it look a long time to get “Miracle, Texas” to go free on Amazon, now that it has, I’ve given away the better part of 2000 copies.  It’s been up for a week now.

C’est la vie.