Writers, publishers, readers (mostly readers) – where do you get recommendations for your favorite independent books?

Because good grief, I’m having problems finding out anything beyond:

  • Book reviewers that have reviewed my books
  • Book reviewers that I meet online via Twitter/FB
  • Kindle boards
  • Nook boards

Goodreads has LOTS of indy books listed, but if you’re specifically trying to find indy books, it doesn’t help.  Well, unless I’m doing it wrong.  The Nook/Kindle boards seem good for weeding out indy books, but bad for quick and easy finding of something good to read, in a specific genre, with pretty pictures and back-cover blurbs.  You know, like there are for big-publisher books.

I have two purposes here:

1) I want to read at least one superior-quality indy book a month that ISN’T written by someone I know via Twitter directly (although I won’t stop reading those), and I want to spend less than 10 minutes finding it.

2) If I find a good place to find said books, I want to list mine there (of course).

Book review sites are good, but they’re limited by the number of people working there.  I want an aggregate or a list-builder or something.  Most recommendation sites give you…big-publisher books.

So help me out:  what am I missing?  How do you find your indie books?  If you have a book review site, let me know; I’m going to start a personal link list of good review sites, especially the ones that I use to find books to read.