Ray is now a graduate of the 3s, 4s, & 5s Preschool. Class of ’07! Woot!

It was funny. After trying on four different pairs of shoes this morning, she decided she had to wear her boots (purple) to school. Find out at school that this was something Mrs. Mary, her teacher, had instructed her exactly not to do. One of the assistant teachers, Mrs. Karen, went out during the hour between drop-off time and parent-arrival time and bought her not only “acceptable” shoes but also a dress from Target.

View the parental throwing up of hands. Anyway, Ray remembered all the things she was supposed to sing (one little boy didn’t) and recite. They were all cute, cute, cute…and then they did the Macarena. I laughed all the way through it, I was so delighted. We got through the program, settled everyone down for lunch, and I asked Mrs. Karen about it. She said it was a graduation present…well, now I just have to think about a “farewell” present for her 🙂 When we got home, I told Ray that I was okay with her original outfit and hoped that she liked the new one, too. (She did.)


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  1. Boulder Dude

    Woot and Huzzah!


    But were there scissors involved? ;P

  2. ***Dave

    Grats, Ray!

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