Ah, beautiful day. We should go out for a walk. Ray? Wanna go out for a walk? Yes! Let’s go! Out the door and down the block, and then I notice she’s got this huge hole in her pants. That she cut in her pants. With the scissors she supposedly couldn’t find. March march march back to the house. I threw the scissors away and told her it would be a long time before she could have any more. The impulse control when it comes to scissors seems to be non-existant.

Ray’s in trouble. How come I have to be in trouble, too? Waaah, I wanted to take a walk with Ray! I’ve been looking forward to this all winter, all sunshiny and stuff. Waaah!


It’s alll in the details.




  1. Anonymous

    Here’s a suggestion. Get some stuff in a box that is for cutting: paper, fabric, string, etc. Maybe Ray just wants to know how the scissors work on different stuff. Scissors will always be a mystery unless she has a chance to cut stuff and learn what stuff is not for cutting, before she actually cuts into it.

    And give her a hug from Gramma!

  2. Doyce

    One of the comments I made any number of times when I had Justin (and will no doubt make again in the near future) is the reason that a lot of parents don’t ground their kids is because they quickly realize they are actually grounding themselves as well.

    It sucks, but you can do eeet! 🙂

  3. Boulder Dude

    Would these be the same scissors of the Great Hair Adventure day?

  4. Lee

    Pretty sure they were, BD. You’re thinking what I’m thinking? It’s the SCISSORS fault! They’re demonic! Or perhaps created by aliens to make little girls perform naughtiness!

  5. Boulder Dude

    So, you’ll be needing an old priest and a young priest…

    Unless it involves the plague.

  6. DeAnna

    Hey, I know she needs more exorcise, but isn’t that taking it a little bit too far?

  7. Boulder Dude


    Glad some got the reference.

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