Zoo Trip.

The Zoo trip went well. Everybody (except Mike, who is over the weight limit) got to ride both the restored antique carosel ponies and the real, live ponies. Ne-eigh! Afterwards, at the point where I (although suggesting it in the first place, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) chickened out of going to the Shrine of the Sun, Mike and Connie took all three girls with them up another couple of thousand feet and walked around some more. Come on, these people are flatlanders. Sheesh.

I went home and got some writing done, cashed my first Harris paycheck (!), and picked up some pad thai while everyone else hung out at their motel room and ate chicken. I may just make my deadline for the first draft…

Off on a tangent here, I would just like to say that pad thai would be a perfect food if people would take spring roll peanut sauce and dump it all over the noodles. It’s odd. It’s not like I’m a peanut-butter-and-jelly hound or anything, but whenever I can get away with adding peanut butter to noodles or something, there’s me with my spoon in the jar. Anyway, our new favorite Chinese delivery place also makes a few Thai dishes, and they will send along extra peanut sauce when I remember how to ask for that specifically and not just extra pad thai sauce, so voila! the perfect food is within reach. I think my next goal will be to get them to put about a quarter-cup of chopped cilantro on top, instead of a measly sprig for garnish.




  1. Lee

    Ewww…De’s are gross

  2. Dale

    Heh, that’s funny. Mike was over the weight limit! Too many taters, rare steaks and Budweisers for that old boy.

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