Another Ray Story.

We took Ray to the mall last week because she was DRIVING US MAD. One of the you’re-not-being-bad-it’s-just-too-much-now-stop-it-stop-it-I-said-stop-it-now-go-to-your-room days. So we took her to the play area.

First, a note: the two other kids she was playing with ended up lying on the floor panting, too tired to play any more, while Ray danced around them and dared them to chase her some more, more, more.

For some reason, while they were playing hide and seek, the other two kids would hide in the same spot over and over again. Not much of a challenge, even for a preschooler.

Ray walked by their hiding spot. “Where are you? Where are you?”

“In here! In here!” they giggled.

Ray walked backwards past them. “I can’t find yoooo-ooooou…where are you?”

“Come here! Come find us!”

She walked by them again. “Where are yooooooooou?”

Then she clambered over their hiding spot and waited.

“Where is she? Where are you? We’re in heeeeee-eeeeere!”

Ray jumped down in front of them: “Boo!”


When we took her home, she still wasn’t all that tired.