Here’s your rare political post.

Bush won. What an idiot. Daschle’s out. I have mixed feelings about that. More GOP seats in Congress. F@#$ me, why don’t we try anarchy for another four years instead? It’ll be survival of the fittest without the smarminess. Why hasn’t Bush been impeached, instead of re-elected? Why, oh, why, did the Democrats have to put up someone who sounds good on paper but makes my skin crawl?

I still agree that war with Iraq was a good idea. Too bad this administration screwed it up — not enough troops, terrible diplomacy, what I call criminal deceptions.

Three observations: Bush better not get assassinated. We’d have Cheney in office. And at least it isn’t Buchanon. And Keyes lost again. What a looney.


Okay, I’m calmer now. As a couple of people have reminded me, it’s four years of letting current Republican ideology dig itself its own grave. And as a friend reminded me the first time W. got elected, music will get better. Being pissed off makes good musicians get really good — they have something besides themselves to sing about.

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