Mad. Why can’t I stay mad? I get mad. I yell (in the case of a sincere apology, I’m done). I hold grudges. I lose trust in people. I just don’t stay mad. If the time between getting mad and giving someone a piece of my mind is more than a few hours, in most cases…pffft. I couldn’t care less.

And it’s really hard for me to stay mad on a full tummy. Do emotions fade as we get older, or is it just that we finally start to figure this stuff out? Less melodrama = healthier diet? Less caffeine, et cetera? This is important. I’m a nursing mother. i have to have a good diet…and it’s time to eat again. Crap. It’s dark and snowy outside, I have no working vehicle, Lee doesn’t get home for three hours, and I want calories. Chocolate ice cream, at least.