March 2011

Out of Town

All, I’m out of town for the week at a workshop.  I thought I would have more time and inclination to blog, but I don’t, so I’ll be back next Monday unless something changes.


Amanda Hocking seems to be trying to get a book deal from a traditional publisher, despite the fact that she’s making boatloads of money selling her books independently. Barry Eisler turned down a $500K traditional deal to publish independently. Who’s right?  Who’s an idiot?  Who is completely letting down the publishing community?  Who is going to …

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Alice in Noodling.

I got onto a strange twitter thread yesterday called #zombieproverbs, in which we took various cliches and made them applicable to zombies, like “A brain in the hand is worth two in the skull” and whatnot. I was toodling along with things like, “Two’s company and three’s lunch,” and “When the going gets tough, the …

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False Doppelgangers.

A doppelganger is a “ghostly counterpart of a living person, a double, or an alter ego.”  If a person looks in the mirror, and the face in the mirror does something different than the person making the reflection, or if there’s an evil twin of you running around and doing bad things you couldn’t possibly …

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