August 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

Gathering strength. # Amazing talk about storytelling by Chimamanda Adichie: # Song of the Beast – Carol Berg: The parable of the prodigy–brilliant, destroyed, reborn with purpose rather than talent. With dragons. # Transformation – Carol Berg: Let the betrayals begin. I've come to expect to trust nobody in her books, but in a …

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How to POV

Please understand that this is a snapshot of what I know now.  If it doesn’t work for you–nevermind! Who tells the story, controls the story. Obviously, that means you, the writer.  You get to pick which stories you tell and how you feel about them.  This seems obvious until you start thinking about things like, …

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Urban Fantasy

I just got another rejection on Alien Blue from an editor; it was the best rejection I’ve ever received, because it was both true and flattering. The editor said she liked the book–but there was no market for it now.  THEN she said I should think about writing something with series potential in the urban …

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