Month: August 2010

More rejections than you can shake a stick at!

I finally got caught up on my short stories in my spreadsheet today.  Bad writer!  Bad!

Here are the short story rejections I’ve received from April-present:  12*

Here are the stories I’ve finished since April (8), when I started purposefully doing more of them:

  • The Cargo of the Gods (SF)
  • People Juice (Crime)
  • The Cliff House (F)
  • Murder God of West Branch (F)
  • Winter Fruit (F)
  • Uvlechenie (SF)
  • Miracle, Texas (F)
  • The Procrustean Mirror (F)

I should be done with “The Resignation” (SF) tomorrow.

I have two more stories (old ones) out for submission, “Abominable” (H) and “Things You Don’t Want” (H), which makes:

  • Science Fiction: 3
  • Crime: 1
  • Fantasy: 5
  • Horror: 2

The next one should be a mystery, n’est-ce pas?  Of the genres that I like to read, I haven’t written any mysteries.  Sure, the other genres have elements of a mystery story, but they aren’t actually mystery stories.

I’ve submitted to eighteen different markets since April.

Rejections to date this week:  3.

Most rejections received on one day:  5 (including novel rejections).

General cockiness level:  Not terribly.  But it’ll take more than this to cow me!

*Which makes it look a lot less painful. Except I keep getting novel rejections at the same time.  But more on that later.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

  • What if you couldn't hire an accountant if you were bad at taxes? #
  • What if you couldn't hire a decorator unless you knew your color wheel? #
  • What if you couldn't hire a secretary unless you could prove you were a PowerPoint master? #
  • I don't expect the clients to be able to communicate through writing. I love people who are looking for "writters," because I can help. #
  • If one task you're hired for is to communicate professionally, should your clients have to jump through hoops to prove their skills in that? #
  • So… #
  • Pathfinder – Laura E Reeve: I sense This Is Not Over. Ending went by too quickly. #
  • Jane Austen's Fight Club: #
  • In a heroic effort to get caught up, I wrote almost 10K today. Five chapters. I'd feel better about it if I weren't so stunned. #
  • @doycet Grats on the job offer! #
  • How to boil an egg: All I need is a chainsaw… #
  • Another personal editor rejection. Siiiiiigh whee! siiiiiiiiiigh. #
  • Elya took some fantastic pictures of me yesterday. Also some dumbass ones, but those were TOTALLY my fault for making faces. #
  • Half Moon Investigations – Eoin Colfer: A master of character. High (personal) stakes for a middle grade book. Liked it. #
  • After dog highjinks today, I want to take my day, throw it on the ground, and stomp all over it. #
  • Okay, moving on with my day. #
  • Actually got Ox to obey for [drumroll] thirty seconds today. Hard-won victory. #
  • The Great Plains is like that ALL OVER. RT@slashfood Fertile Mississippi Delta region a 'food desert?' #
  • To write a short story within a few hours, have a viable story idea (for you) B4 starting. A good idea isn't enough; *you* have to love it. #
  • Painful lesson, perhaps learned, perhaps not. #
  • I know, I know. It's too boring being in the same room as a working writer. #
  • @ApexBookCompany SevenNationArmy earworm good 🙂 in reply to ApexBookCompany #
  • @ApexBookCompany Lucky you. in reply to ApexBookCompany #
  • For someone who tears up every time she watches Pride & Prejudice, you'd think it wouldn't be so hard to write the love (not "sex") scene. #
  • Okay, this week's story is Not Ready to Write; I only had half the idea. Last week's story is done now, though. WHEW. #
  • Uvlechenie done: "Space. It was the biggest small town in the universe." #
  • I defend your right to say what you like…but I don't have to let you bring me down, so na na na, bye! #
  • Up for today: Chapter, silly food show, short story, brainstorm murder-mystery characters, movie! #
  • C29 Chance: The demon tilted its head to the side. “Keep killing us. We’ll keep coming, but there’s only a couple of thousand of us.” #
  • If you have to ask, "How hard could it be?" the answer is maniacal laughter. #
  • @ianthealy What's that from? @dknippling<—-HUH? in reply to ianthealy #
  • @ianthealy You're the one who sent it! in reply to ianthealy #
  • Remind me again why I'm putting up with more adolescents than I have to. #
  • @ianthealy Ahhhhhhhh. in reply to ianthealy #
  • Just so. Anne Rice refuses name "Christian." #
  • I can't wait. @jasummerell It smells like October. #
  • @maureenjohnson Word not save: Copy all, paste into e-mail, send, reboot. Too many track changes? in reply to maureenjohnson #
  • @ChuckWendig Careful, you've almost gone into Dark Tower speech there. in reply to ChuckWendig #
  • Friday is rejection day. Two so far… #
  • Three, three rejections! HAHAHAHA! #
  • Watching a cable TV show off the Internets for research. Really? How do people stand to watch TV without Bejeweled? #
  • Wow. There are a lot of Dibs out there. #
  • @saucy_dryad Quick, go shopping. in reply to saucy_dryad #

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