October 2008


I started writing up Ray’s birthday party after the party, then went WTFAYDDA?* and took a bath instead. Now I can’t get the post date to put it to the top of the list, so click here if you want to read about it, because it’s all further down and I don’t want to tire …

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Ray’s birthday.

Ray’s birthday was on Friday the 17th. We ordered pizza (she picked Italian ham, pepperoni, and pineapple), opened presents, played World of Warcraft together, and played a good bit of a round of Pet Shop Monopoly. The joys of turning seven in a geek-positive house. Sunday the 19th was her birthday party, with kids from …

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Writerly Ramble.

Here’s me, finishing up Alien Blue: You know you’ve been blogging too much when you start typing HTML tags instead if CTRL-i for italics. (Is there a mod or setting for Word that lets you get away with this?) Pandora radio is good, but it won’t be as good as having a human being picking …

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Writerly Ramble.

I’m working on Alien Blue. I finished the rewrite on the Shootout at the OK Corral chapter, which leaves me with just a few loose ends to tie up. Then a scrub for consistency, etc., and I’m…ready to send it off. The end is in sight?


Have 2 Nagila,Have 3 Nagila,They’re pretty small… (Rowan & Martin‘s Laugh-in) “That’s funny. That’s the way we elect the president.” “I’ve never played that one.”