May 2007

Sprit of the Century!

We played Spirit of the Century last night with Randy gm’ing — the setting was Venezuela. This morning, I stumbled across an article on Venezuela. Nothing of an eerily-coincedental nature. But I saw it and said, “Huh. Venezuela. We’ve been there. Oh! But that was in 1922…”

Weird Al.

Okay, my brothers have already seen this. I know this. But it takes me a while. It’s just so appropriate…the end of an era! (And it goes on and on and on…) …And this.

My Daughter…

is Skuld. She woke me up this morning to tell me she wanted to let Katherine know she should bring the first Scooby Doo live-action movie with her today. “Time to get up!” “We have that,” I said. “I know, but I broke it,” she said. “Well, go find it.” “But I broke it!” “Go …

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Imogen Heap Live.

Version of “Just for Now.” You know that video where the balls shoot out of the tubes, making various rhythmic noises as they strike on strings, drums, etc.? Apparently Imogen Heap + a computer = even better.


Y.T. will have a short-short story called “Evolution” published at Clever Magazine in September.* Actually, I changed my modus operandi. I went looking around for a place that might publish the story…but ignored the ones I didn’t want to read. This one, I’ve read almost everything for this last quarter, and liked it. The setup …

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