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Updates. Briefly, Ray’s teething. She’s had a 101F axillary fever since Saturday; we took her to the doc today. –Oh yeah, she might also have a viral infection.

She has a a ring of drool around her neck. And two new teeth so far. She’s at 26 pounds and 32 and 3/4 inches.

So that was our weekend 😛

Road Trip. We’ve all safely returned from the SD road trip. We missed Mike (sorry, Mike!) but caught everyone else.

The family gathering for my side of the family was too big for my tastes; I have a hard time dealing with that many people at once, unless I can ride herd on a basement full of kids somewhere. That’s different. I did have fun with my immediate family and grandparents, but by then I was so sick of driving and dealing with the kind of questions that only a big group of relatives that don’t see you very often can ask, I’m afraid any charm I possess had been sucked dry.

Ray tolerated the ride well but was damn glad to get out of that carseat last night, let me tell you. It got to the point where we were throwing things on the floor just so we could cheer as they hit bottom. I think of the three of us, she had the most fun. Probably because she was the most spoiled 🙂

Funny. None of the things that I didn’t or couldn’t get to before we left did themselves.

Tax day. It might help to kick the cat. If you have a cat.

Seriously, though, when payday and tax day fall on the same day, it’s hard to be as bitter as you could be. The little accountant on my shoulder (no, I don’t listen too often) releases his breath. Phew. I don’t think he really believes in the money fairy until he sees the paystub.

Hm…now I have to wonder what sits on the other shoulder.

Mmmm…Chocolate. We may have to go out on a chocolate outing.

Curious George: as Ray continues to read books, I discover that curious George receives much more cooing, chattering, and pseudo-counting (she can count up to one real well) than any other book she’s read so far today.

Road Trip. Going to SD (various locations) over Easter, Thursday through Monday. Hm…where is that old box of Mindtrap cards?

Taxes. While I sit here, finishing up the taxes Lee completed for the most part this morning, Ray sits beside me in her Ray-sized chair and reads books. She doesn’t have a big enough lap for the larger books to sit steadily, so turning pages is a process: hang onto the page you’re going to turn, lift the corner of that page, pick up the fingers supporting the book and the page, flip the page over, grab back onto the page. Exclaim, “Yeah!” every time you see a cat.

Sure doesn’t look like a deductable to me.

Tea. Amazing how a good cup of decaf green tea can perk you right up when you’re not a caffeine addict. In a non-perky way, of course.

Dream. I dreamed that I had just finished spring-cleaining the house we’re in when we moved. Ugh. Well, it was a cool house, the kind of house with a floorplan that allows you to get lost the first time you’re in it. A wandering house. I was mad at everyone else (because I was just mad, I guess, now that I’m awake enough to think about it), and there was something about a Goddess hiding in the attic. Lots of stairs, a good kitchen, for some reason it reminded me of a house that my Uncle Johnny used to live in, but my uncle never lived in such a house.

Blame it on tax day. This morning I took a paintball gun and shot the little old ladies selling subscriptions to The Gazette in the lobby of the grocery store. Then I picked up a copy of the Indy. No, I didn’t. But I wanted to. Cutting letters to make them look idiotic so they can write sarcastic replies, ignoring news that doesn’t fit their bias, firing local Life-section writers in order to use national sources. And using little old ladies to hawk subscriptions in the lobbies of the grocery store. No, I don’t want a copy of The Gazette. I already have enough toilet paper.

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