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Unpicking Triggers

Please note that I’m not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist. If you think you’re suffering from past or current trauma, please seek help that isn’t just me rambling on, okay? I’m trying to repair myself, and this is what I’m learning. What are triggers? Here’s my definition of a trigger, in the psychological sense: A

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What Makes for Safe Spaces?

What makes for safe spaces? What makes people feel safe? What is safety, relatively speaking? I didn’t grow up with a sense of safety. My world revolved around keeping certain people happy from a very young age, and around finding ways to step between certain people and those who needed protection more than I did–which

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Independence Day

When I wrote this, it was the day after the fourth of July, the U.S. holiday known as Independence Day, when we’re supposed to celebrate by getting together for potlucks and barbecues, and by setting off fireworks. I’ve always had a weird feeling about the day. Like something was off. I like fireworks, quite a

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The Ethics of AI

 I’m going to talk the ethics of AI here (specifically the ethics of generative AI) and will likely piss off everyone regardless of their current opinion on the subject. Please keep in mind the following:   I am not lawful good. I’m chaotic good, dual-classed as a sorcerer-rogue. Or I’m an inheritor of Granny Weatherwax,

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