Writerly ramble: Current status of the toolbox.

So I’m working on revising the Short Story that Wouldn’t Die, the Thing in the Box story, which has survived 13 rejections (and one acceptance/’zine tank) to date. (The name started out as “Things You Don’t Want but Have to Take” and changed to “Fragile” when I thought it would sell better that way and […]

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Recipe: Pesto.

Among other things, summertime is about eating yourself stupid on fresh vegetables and fruit from the farmer’s market. And basil. Pesto 1 large bunch basil4 cloves garlic1/3 c (pre-grating) freshly-grated, extra-good Parmesan or Romano1/3-1/2 c. pine nutsHigh-quality extra-virgin olive oilRed wine vinegar (optional) I like rougher pesto; the smooth stuff just doesn’t do it for

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