Month: March 2008

Color of Magic

Terry Pratchett’s Color of Magic and Light Fantastic have been combined into a two-part TV special. Sean Astin as Twoflower? David Bradley (Filch) as Cohen. David Jason as Rincewind.* Tim Curry, Christopher Lee. The Librarian is the same guy that played Nobbs in the BBC Hogfather. Directed by the same director…

AND they’re planning on doing Going Postal after that.

*Ooooh. The guy who did Albert!


New NIN album, Ghosts. You can listen for free or download for $5 (but the site is slammed right now). Creative commons license = people have been messing around with it on youtube already.

Typo attack!

Too bad Micro$oft doesn’t have a cliche check. Today, I ended up with, “Keep your moth shut!”

–Now I’m trying to figure out how that works.

New Coraline Trailer.

Lovely. Same director as The Nightmare before Christmas, which makes sense. Via Neil Gaiman’s website.

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