Writerly News.

I’ll be working on the first draft of the for-hire YA starting tomorrow. We’ve agreed on a plot, characters, I’ve done the outline and arranged the scenes for more action, etc., which will make this the most disciplined project I’ve worked on, bar none, and I haven’t started actually writing yet. I will probably not …

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On the way back from Dave’s, Ray and I stopped to watch fireworks go off. Eventually, Ray said, “Mom, I’m bored and tired. I’m done with fireworks.” “Awww…” “Mom.” So we went. But as we were driving, she announced all the fireworks she saw as “pinalleys,” as in, “That was a beautiful pinalley!” Finally, about …

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Pangaeic connections: Blue Ginger

The rhizome–root–of the blue ginger plant is known as “galangal” and is the one ingredient I couldn’t track down for the tom yum soup I made on Saturday. It’s also called “laos.” But it’s also called “John the Conqueroo,” a frequent player in blues songs and a component of a mojo bag. Coooool.