April 2007

Into the Ocean

by Blue October. I thought this was at least a somewhat happy song…and then I read the lyrics. I want to swim away but don’t know howSometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the oceanLet the waves up take me downLet the hurricane set in motion… yeahLet the rain of what I feel right …

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Quotes from Work.

–I wouldn’t run that far for free cheese.–What about government cheese?–I ain’t runnin’ nowhere for government cheese. –Why do I gotta be stupid?–You are stupid.–Yeah, but I’m funny.

Book Reviews.

Quickies again. I read more than this since the last time, but the hell if I can remember what they were. The Keys to the Golden Firebird, by Maureen Johnson. Non-genre teen stuff is normally NOT MY THING. I mean, really NOT MY THING. I must now reconsider. I was too involved with this book …

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