January 2007


Using the 5,000 ft. elevation recipe in Pie in the Sky, I successfully made cracker-crisp French bread. Victory! Today: test Grandma Bouzek’s bread maker…

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Watched this over Christmas… Dang. One of the few movies with a transcendental ending that’s able to pull it off. What the Matrix could have been, had it been about 50 times cooler. Saying Akira is a seminal anime is like saying Shakespeare was a seminal playwright….oh, it’s not Midsummer Night’s Dream, but it’s better

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Rumination du jour.

There is a horror of too much information. (Not TMI, as it were.) Instead of trying to find out what things man ought not to know of, we should stick with the tried and true…a sentiment shared by Jorge of Burgos (The Name of the Rose) and the Cthulu stories. I wonder whether I should

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