Month: January 2006

Now that’s a sexy pan.

From the Chef’s cookware catalogue:

“Nonstick Mini Cheesecake Pan with removable bottoms for easy release.”

I bet you could make tarts in there, too.

Rachaelism of the Day:

(This is a “that’s my daughter” thing.)

Ray’s on her computer. She has her headphones on because her dad put them on her while I was taking a nap. She sees something she wants to show me, stands up, and runs over to my chair, saying “Look!”

She pulls the headphones out of their jack.

She stops. Looks at the computer, looks at me. Walks dejectedly back to the computer.

“Oh, maaaaaaan.

I was laughing too hard to see what it was she wanted me to look at.

[Sniffs] I’m so proud…

Focus on the Family has cut off their banking relationship with Wells Fargo, because of “the bank’s ongoing efforts to advance the radical homosexual agenda.”


“We at Focus on the Family respect the worth and dignity of every human being. We are not attacking the gay individual, nor are we singling out Wells Fargo employees for censure. We had the opportunity to work with many Wells Fargo staff while in relationship with the bank, and we know firsthand the good job they do. However, we feel that the aggressive agenda of the homosexual movement and its activists is harmful to families, and we believe it is time to stand up and fight that. Our decision is not personal, but principled, and we trust our constituents and others will respect it.”

Is it enough to not be the ones directly responsible for the evil that happens to gay people, because so many of us have been taught to feel nausea whenever the subject comes up? Christianity is all about love. “The greatest of these is love.” Not faith–if faith tells you something that love contradicts, faith is wrong. Love doesn’t tell you to boycott a company because they support fair treatment of their gay employees and customers–of their family.

FoF is next door to my building. I’m proud to work where I do.

The City Garage.

This is the place we go to fix cars. Rick, the owner and mechanic, is a quiet, small, soft-spoken man with prematurely white hair. He’s articulate and good at explaining what’s not working with your car, what is working, and what doesn’t need to be replaced yet. He rarely smiles, never cracks a joke, and has yet to appear “hearty.” If I saw him on the street, I’d think “college professor.”

He puts a sign up in front of his place that reads, “YEP WE FIX CARS REAL GOOD HERE.”

Rachael Fix: Halloween

New Job Schedule Requires Purchase of Automobile.

De’s Bug.


Lee got Serenity the day it came out. I haven’t watched it on DVD yet. Tonight the plan was for him to spoil me by giving me a backrub while I watched the movie. I was looking at Whednoesque and read that the Sci-Fi Channel is hosting a Firefly marathon.

“We’re not going to watch Serenity tonight,” I say. “We’re going to watch Firefly episodes.” I explain to him what made me change my mind.

He quips: “…and Wash doesn’t have to die.”

I had to laugh.

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