Month: May 2003

Poppies. Speaking of flowers, it turns out some beautiful soul left us some poppies in the front yard off to the side. Hey. Even if it snows tonight (and it might), three of them have bloomed so far.

Georgia O’Keefe fan. Well, you might have guessed.

Banshee Stud-lios. The new issue of Banshee’s is up. It’s gorgeous. I have yet to start reading anything (other than [ahem] the review I put in), but every time I’ve pulled it up I’ve had to take a moment to goggle at the lillies.


Joe. Many thanks to Joe, who pulled together when I had serious doubts that he intended to do so.

Birthday. My twenty-ninth birthday, on May 1st, was a particularly miserable day. Nobody remembered, except Lee, and he didn’t even say “Happy Birthday” until I told him to. I was upset. Twenty-nine. No “Happy Birthday.” Well, maybe depressed is a better word, except when you get depressed, you don’t get snippy. So I was upset: let’s not whitewash this, here. Some people might think this is understandable, but we reserved types get annoyed at getting upset over something so insignificant as the date of a day. When Lee came home, I cried on his shoulder (we reserved types do this on occaision, but it’s embarrassing) and felt much better. Lee spent the next day spoiling me, and suddenly everyone remembered: “Say, wasn’t it supposed to be your birthday around about now?”

We even went on a date on Tuesday, got tipsy and watched X-men 2. There were difficulties with post-last-minute backout of the original babysitter, but post-post-last minute rearrangements succeeded, and we were able to go. It felt so good to just be on a date.

By the time we picked up Ray, I was definitely ready for a bebe snuggle, though. I spend longer away from her ever day at work, but for some reason, this was different.


Man, have I been slacking on the blog. I’ll try to remedy that.

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