Month: October 2002

Suckage. Eesh. The folks I work for have introduced a new product…something that was supposedly going to change our workload from 300 apps a day to a thousand. We laughed. Shouldn’t have. We’re up to 600-750 apps. a day. Workload capacity before product: 400 apps. Walkouts since product introduced: 2 people, or approximately 60 files. I’ve started dreaming about apps again.

Ins and outs, ups and downs. Out: Name of the Feather, by yours truly, to Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. In: Things You Don’t Want… from Wierd Tales, with a subtle put-down “so what’s the point” letter. Since Lee passed Things You Don’t Want as wierd-but-good, I’ll take the rejection as being a) too literary or something, b) once again, too wierd for Wierd Tales, c) read by people who’ve never been dragged through that particular type of shitpile; bully for them. Down in the rejection dumps. Up to Denver tomorrow for gaming purposes. Woo Hoo!

Btw The joke last week, as donated by a co-worker, was:

“Why was the ink blot crying?”

“Because his mom was in the pen and he didn’t know how long the sentence was.”

The Horns of a Dilemma, or, Chew through the Damn Rope and Break into the Hay Barn So Ray’s walking around in the kitchen, spots a loose goldfish cracker, and shoves it in her mouth, not noticing that I’m offering her a piece of yogurt bar at the same time. She looks up.

Puh! Out comes the cracker, into the hand. She looks at the hand, looks at the cracker. Back and forth for a second she goes.

Then she shoves the cracker back in her mouth, grabs the yogurt bar, and runs.

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