Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Looks about 6000 times as fun as the first one. Black Sheep. Zombie werewolf sheep in New Zealand. Hopefully, this will be to horror movies what Kung Pow! was to kung-fu movies.


Today was the Great Octopus Expotition* of Rachael C. Kenyon. She’s been asking what octopus tastes like, so I told her I’d take her to the sushi place we like and we’d try some. Seriously? If you’re ever in a situation where your kid likes to try new foods, go to a sushi place and …

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Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is coming out next year. Here‘s the sneak preview, from NG’s website. The character design reminds me of PJ Harvey, because her face gets lopsided. I seriously cannot think of any other way to come up with that face other than look at PJ Harvey and go, “Huh. Now that’s how you …

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The Hobbit

…will come out in 2010/2011 (as two movies?) with Peter Jackson producing and Sam Raimi directing. So far, so good. And Gandalf: Ian McKellen stated that he’d love to be Gandalf again, and that Peter Jackson had let him know that he had to do it, even though Jackson might not be involved. “If I …

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