Month: March 2005

Gravity’s Angel.

By Laurie Anderson.

…Well he was an ugly guy. With an ugly face.
An also ran in the human race.
And even God got sad just looking at him. And at his funeral
all his friends stood around looking sad. But they were really
thinking of all the ham and cheese sandwiches in the next room.
And everybody used to hang around him. And I know why.
They said: There but for the grace of the angels go I.
Why these mountains? Why this sky?…

…Why these mountains? Why this sky? This long road? This empty room?

(sample at


Given that I’ve never installed a tile floor and there are probably practical reasons for this, still, bleah. I can’t find M C Escher floor tiles anywhere.

Another Ray Story.

We took Ray to the mall last week because she was DRIVING US MAD. One of the you’re-not-being-bad-it’s-just-too-much-now-stop-it-stop-it-I-said-stop-it-now-go-to-your-room days. So we took her to the play area.

First, a note: the two other kids she was playing with ended up lying on the floor panting, too tired to play any more, while Ray danced around them and dared them to chase her some more, more, more.

For some reason, while they were playing hide and seek, the other two kids would hide in the same spot over and over again. Not much of a challenge, even for a preschooler.

Ray walked by their hiding spot. “Where are you? Where are you?”

“In here! In here!” they giggled.

Ray walked backwards past them. “I can’t find yoooo-ooooou…where are you?”

“Come here! Come find us!”

She walked by them again. “Where are yooooooooou?”

Then she clambered over their hiding spot and waited.

“Where is she? Where are you? We’re in heeeeee-eeeeere!”

Ray jumped down in front of them: “Boo!”


When we took her home, she still wasn’t all that tired.

I got a present for you…!

On occaision, especially before asking for reciprocation, Ray will bring me gifts.

“Momma, I got a present for yooo-ooooou!”

“What is it?” I’ll ask.

And she’ll give me something, like a doll or a truck or a DVD. Today it started out with a picture of a head. No eyes or anything, just a head with a red spot in the middle.

“It’s beautiful! Is it a head?”

“And a brain.” She points to the center of her head. “For thinking.”

“That’s wonderful! Thank you!”

Then she brings me a glass with the dregs of her milk. I thank her and tell her she can keep it.

“Momma! I got a present for you!”

“What is it?”


And then she gives me an enormous hug.

What a wonderful girl.

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