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Harry Potter.

Ray sat on my lap through all but the last five minutes of the Prisoner of Azkaban. And this is not a girl with a low restlessness quotient.

Cheap theater good.

Acid Purple or Invisible.

I woke up this morning and had ideas. Now I can’t remember what they were. I took a shower and had ideas. I can’t remember them, either. I had ideas at work, and they’re gone, too. On the way home I realized that I’d slipped into the state of mind where some idea or insight I’d had was causing a domino effect. I almost forgot that one, but I’d taken a moment to remind myself not to fotget at the time. Now I’m restless. The tiger at the zoo paces all the time. The lions sleep but the tiger paces–my Chinese zodiac sign is the tiger. I should be dreaming of flying, of falling off the top of a skyscraper and never hitting the ground. I feel like I won’t be the same person when I wake up, the difference of a single hair that’s turned acid purple or invisible.

It makes sense once you see it.

Headbanging belly dancers at Metal Goddess.

Yo mama.

Yo mama so fat when she pull her pants down, people start turning into werewolves, ’cause it’s a full moon. –Tshirt.


“If the dorks and the non-dorks ever got in a war, I wouldn’t make it as a double agent.” –Anon.

Their eyes were watching GOD.

So Ray and I went to the zoo today. As usual, after three hours of spazzing out, she fell asleep on the way home. She’d only been asleep for half an hour when I pulled up to the house, and I had a good book. I parked in the shade of a tree along the street and read.

About fifteen minutes later, a car pulls up in front of me and two men get out. They’re both wearing suits, and one of them is carrying a bible. They walk past my car, up the steps, and ring the bell at our house for a couple of minutes. Then they walk down the steps, get back in their car, and drive away.

A few minutes after they left, the guy next door started running his power saw again. One of those constant noises you don’t notice has stopped until it starts up again.


Work was work again today.

Six Sigma.

I went to a Six Sigma simulation class today. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at work, ever. We took a ten-minute process and reduced it to ten seconds.

I got to bounce around and shout out ideas. I could do that for a living.


It used to be that all you could get were crappy donuts, at least where I lived. They were all cake donuts, and they all tasted slightly stale. Then I had my first Krispy Kreme.

“Ah!” I said. “There’s nothing wrong with this donut! What a relief!”

I was on vacation. When I went home (in Iowa at the time), I had to go back to the crappy donuts.

Colorado Springs has been inundated with Krispy Kreme donuts recently. From what I understand, they make them in Denver, because the actual Krispy Kreme stores in town don’t have the capacity to make that many donuts.

At first I couldn’t get enough, but I’ve finally realized that Krispy Kreme donuts are too @#$%*^& sweet. Once in a while, that’s all you really want, a sweet donut with nothing really wrong with it. I usually get Albertson’s donuts now. They sell Krispy Kreme donuts, too, but I get the other kind instead.

Family resemblance.

Walking along with my mother while she was in town. Sign.


I said, “But I don’t want healthy Japanese food.”

Mom said, “I thought you liked Japanese.”

“When it’s dead! Not when it’s healthy!”

She said, “I wished you’d been around more when Andy was growing up. The girls have the same kind of mindset, and Matt can fit into that when he’s around. Andy’s different. He’s been off in his own little world for a long time. You know when he saw that sign he said the same thing.”

When we caught up to him, I asked him if he’d seen the sign. He hadn’t. I started to tell the story, and he laughed as soon as I told him what the sign said.

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