Month: February 2004

Another cute kid moment.

In the grocery store. For some reasons, bananas are still pronounced “mnans,” even though Rachael can say “beautiful” clearly.

“Mnans! Mnans!”

Since bananas are her favorite fruit in the world, I give her a couple. Mind you, she still thinks tomatoes are apples, but she’s a good kid nonetheless.

She clutches the bananas to her chest.

“I monkey,” she announces.

When I tell Lee, he says, “She’s right.”

He seems proud.

Poor, Poor Marilyn Manson.

It’s pretty bad, poor guy.

I’m drivin’ along, listening to a rock station, when the MM version of “Sweet Dreams” comes on.

Ray’s with me.

She starts howling. Then she growls. Then she howls some more.

We both crack up.


I’m putting in for a tech writer position at work.

Wish me luck.

cube meditation #1


make gaps to be filled in later;


inconsequentialize incessancies.

calgon: where were you when i needed you the most?

japanese flute music & little old men w/ brooms: hiding behind the inbox

count your blessings, count to ten: you must be joking!

take a deep breath: here? with this air?

the cry of an eagle in a beer commercial

memory of driving on window roads, rainy, in the woods,

by the lake, and the smells thereof

restless sleep


Rough Month

I took a shower yesterday, and I knew that the last couple of months were over when it felt like a crust of scabs just fell off my entire body.


My daughter is becoming a pre-schooler, and my husband is having an early mid-life crisis. But it’s mostly okay now.

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