Reading Lists

Fiction Lists

I have a number of reading projects that I’m always working on in order to further myself as a writer and a reader.

  • Fantastic Writers of Color:  Writers of color in the SF/F/H fields.  Some mystery authors as well.
  • Writers as Readers:  Discusses some basics for writers in setting up reading goals.  Includes reading list suggestions for the main genres.
  • Pulp Writers of Note:  I’m trying to put together a list of the 100 best pulp stories/writers.  I’m at like 81 and I think the definitions are wonky.  In progress.

The Nonfiction List

I asked on Facebook what nonfiction books my friends would recommend for becoming a better citizen of the world/universe.  It sounded like a fun thing to ask; I like to ask for recommendations.

Over a hundred and forty books later…

Please note that I am not a trained bibliographer and you’re lucky you’re not just getting a link to a rambling, cross-commented FB post!  Also, yes.  This list is completely biased–by me, by the people I know, by the people I know on Facebook.  Don’t like it?  Suggest some additions.  I’ll take ’em, unless they’re lame for one reason or another.

The list!

The I haven’t read these yet but I know I’m coming back to this post so I’ll put them here so I don’t forget sub-list:



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