Ghostwriting & Freelance

Please ask me about taking on your writing, editing, or book design project!

Fiction ghostwriting:

  • Crime.
  • Mystery.
  • Suspense.
  • Thriller.
  • Horror.
  • Science fiction.
  • Historical.
  • Contemporary & historical fantasy.

I don’t write erotica, Christian, or high fantasy (I’m not as skilled at those genres). In Romance, I only work on sweet Regencies at this point.

I have no issues working under a non-disclosure agreement, and I abide by it. I am able to pick up other writers’ series as well as design new ones. I can work from a client outline or develop my own.

One of my specialties is taking projects that went poorly on the initial draft and making them magically all better.

Another is writing plot twists that shock my clients…even after I’ve warned them what’s coming in the outline!

I can also write promotional materials related to fiction projects, such as book descriptions, queries for agents and publishers, plot synopses, and social media promotional posts.

Fiction editing:

  • Writer assessment (“Where am I as a writer? What should I work on next, and how? I’m so stuck I can’t write anything! What should I do?”).
  • Developmental editing (“Is this book worth publishing? And if not, how do I get it there?”).
  • Copy editing (“Is this book polished enough to publish? Are the little marks on the page going to communicate what my vision accurately?”).

I don’t do fiction proofreading on the same projects that I do other edits! You will need a fresh set of eyes for one last review before your work is published.

Technical editing:

  • I worked as a technical editor for the U.S. Government for five years. I make developer- and engineer-speak look and sound professional.
  • This is more than a mere grammar check.
  • I make the words communicate clearly without sounding patronizing.
  • I do all the formatting.
  • I can write your introductions and summaries.
  • White papers, manuals, and more.

Nonfiction freelance writing and ghosting:

  • Informational books and articles.
  • More personal nonfiction, for example, autobiographies.
  • Website content.
  • Some copywriting (please inquire; mainly fiction promotional materials at this point).
  • Turning your grant materials into appealing text (I do not search for grants; you provide the application and I prepare your materials).
  • Turning all business materials into finished text for proposals, grants, business plans, and more. You provide the information; I follow all the guidelines and make it sound appealing and professional.
  • Queries and synopses for your fiction project (yes, I will write your synopsis!).

Book and Cover Design:

  • I can do cover designs for any genre.
  • I do not create my own art. You may provide the art or I can find it for you on a stock art website (cost added to price).
  • I can do ebook layouts.
  • I can do print interior and print cover layouts, compatible with IngramSpark, CreateSpace/Kindle Direct Print, and other major formats.

Indie Publishing Consulting:

  • I charge an hourly rate to help with indie publishing projects. I can provide advice on where to publish, whether you’re ready to publish, what you need to set up for your small press, and more.
  • I can also design templates for your indie publishing projects.

Please contact me for details and project samples. I do not take rights to your projects; I work on an hourly or project basis. I will not provide materials that are covered by an NDA on another project. For most projects, I will either write or edit a short sample for free so we can decide whether we can work well together. You can contact me at: publisher ***at*** wonderlandpress ***dot*** com

Thank you!