“…I’m just saying I don’t eat toast.”

“What do you eat with your eggs?”

“Okay, I’ll eat toast at a restaurant. I don’t even own a toaster. I have a toaster oven.”

“You don’t own a toaster?”

“I own a toaster oven.”

“You know what you’re getting for your wedding? About nineteen toasters.”

“You get me a toaster, and I’m going to hit you up the side of your head.”

“Hey! Everybody! Guess who needs a toaster for his wedding!”


Writerly Ramble.


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  1. ***Dave

    Oh, my. Life without toast … hardly seems worth living.

    (We have an old Sunbeam toaster, the same model as I grew up with. It slowly lowers, then raises, the bread. Very spiffy.)

    Cinnamon toast is my fave. I keep a container of cinnamon sugar in the cupboard for those times when nothing else will do.

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