John the Revelator.

“Seven lies/multiplied by seven/multiplied by seven again…”

Interesting. This morning, there were articles all over the ‘net about how the number of deaths in the Iraq war was decreasing, but the terrorists were learning from their mistakes and becoming more accurate in their attacks. Now, they’re gone — or at least, I can’t find them.

Fewer deaths due to increased insurgent competence! Halleliuia!

Someone I know has a kid probably going over in September, coincidentally after the Iraq report “assesses” the success of the Iraq war. Like they don’t have the f@#$ing thing written already. It isn’t the war that bothers me, as odd as that may sound. It’s the lies.

I feel like I’m being governed by a Scientologist or a Branch Davidian!

Post-Rant Mode: And, on a lighter, brassier, and genetically nano-engineered note, another Depeche Mode video: Precious. Weird…I hadn’t thought about it, but Steampunk is somehow another side of the harm humanity is doing to the planet. I’m not sure how, but it is.