Here’s me, writing longhand in a leather, unlined notebook (it smells so good), sitting in front of my computer and listening to random music while I’m writing. I have no idea what my wordcount is, but it’s five small pages and three small scenes so far.

The theme is folk-influenced music in a minor key. I tried to stick with banjos, but then I got to the accordians, and I lost it.

New stuff I hadn’t heard before:
Andrew Bird – “Imitosis
Low – “In Silence
Gregory Page – “The Ghost with Sad Eyes
DeVotchKa – “How it ends

Old favorites:
Milla – “In a Glade
Ray Lamontagne – “Empty” (I didn’t know who sang this, but it kept coming up on the college radio)
Bruce Springsteen – “Devils and Dust” “We’re a long long way from home/home’s a long way from us.”

Lee – here’s the song I was talking about last night. Johnny Cash – “God’s Gonna Cut You Down