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Mother & Child

Three Extremely Short Stories of Mothers, Children,
and the Uncanny Bonds between Them

A boy who wants to rescue his mother from her perfect, imaginary life—at any cost.  A girl who finds her life’s calling in a journal entry about a classmate’s pain.  A mother who knows that just because everyone else has decided it’s Judgment Day, her daughter doesn’t have to get Judged, too.  Three extremely short stories of mothers, children, and the uncanny bonds between them.

I don’t know about you, but I was watching my daughter run in her first 5K on Judgment Day.  We were better off than most.  Plenty of bottled water for the girls.  We slept in the car for two days and drove over the pass as soon as the traffic settled down.

I didn’t know my husband had been taken until then; the phones were out.  I yelled at him from the front door to help me carry in the coolers, but nobody answered.  The window by his computer desk was busted outward.  The blood on the window, his, was mixed with quicksilver.

I didn’t find out we were pregnant for another two weeks—one of my neighbors walked the mile and a half up my driveway to tell me.  She knew I didn’t keep up with the news at the best of times, and I was still grieving for Keith.

My first reaction was, “What, the men, too?”