If you could make a machine to do anything, straight out of dreams if necessary, what would it be? It must do something, that is, it cannot “make world peace” — but it might make a pill that caused the people who took it to be unable to resolve a conflict with violence for the next thirty days.


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  1. Dale

    My first thought was kind of a mushy one. How about a machine that gave to each person that asked of it, a little pointing device that led them to the love of their life! I wonder now though if in the end that would cause MORE problems then not. I’ll have to ponder that one for a bit.

  2. Doyce

    A lightweight headband that compelled you to actually go and do that thing that you know you most need to do.

    I could wear that for about fours hours a day, no complaints.

  3. Lee

    A chair that could transfer knowledge, temporarily, back and forth between people. Like, for a day.

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