Get out of the car!

I try to say something that makes Ray laugh every time I drop her off at school.  I don’t plan these things, I just babble.

Today, she said, “Well, mother?”

I tried to push her out of the car, but no luck.

So I said, “Well, actually, I don’t feel like going anywhere today, so let’s just sit here.”  And then I leaned back in the seat.

Rachael opened the door.  “I’m leaving!”

I pretended to sob.  “You don’t love me anymore.”

Then she said, while staring at the mountains (it gave her a faraway look in her eyes), “I still love you, mother.  But I have to learn.”  Then she slammed the door and skipped up the hill to school.

I laughed so hard I almost cried.


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  1. Ah, I see the student has surpassed the teacher. Well done.

  2. Deb

    I love that she calls you “Mother.” My boy does that but usually only when he is aggravated with me.

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