Here’s the length/naming convention guide from the SFWA:

  • Novel — 40,000 words or more
  • Novella — 17,500–39,999 words
  • Novelette — 7,500–17,499 words
  • Short Story — 7,499 words or fewer

I have finished the first draft of my Chocolate Story novella, which is just over 20K.

The end bugs me, because it’s cheesy, and cheesiness becomes an anathema to me every time I put myself in the main character’s head.  Anything with a whiff of the sentimental is immediately suspect.  But it’s good for her, so I’ll leave it (more or less) alone.

I’m not sure how to make anyone else as excited about this story as I am.  Or, really, as I will be as soon as I get over the “I’m done leave me alone aaaaauuuuggghh!” feeling that is the end of a first draft.

While it’s not the deepest, most challenging thing I’ve ever written, it’s one of the most fun.  Please don’t take the “science” seriously.  IT’S  A PULP SCIENCE FICTION STORY ABOUT HOW ONE WOMAN HAD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS AND STABBING AN IN-LAW IN THE BACK!

Close call; he’s a real asshole who tried to seduce her and stole her invention…at his wedding.

The chocolate takes a significant role, but not as big as I thought it would.  By the end of the story, it’s the most precious stuff in existence, though, which should be good enough for anybody.