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Nibbles Hungers for Revenge

When Marina forgets to feed her vicious pet bunny, Nibbles turns into a terrible monster who eats everything in sight. How can Marina survive?  A scary story for seven and up.

Marina once had an evil pet rabbit named Nibbles.  Nibbles was a beautiful rabbit, black and silky, but she was kind of scary, too, because every time Marina would try to feed Nibbles, Nibbles would run toward the door of her cage and try to bite her.

Nibbles would try to bite anyone who came too close to her cage.  She would take cute sniffs at anyone near her cage, with her nose wiggling open and shut.  She was very cute, until someone put their fingers through the cage, and then chomp.  Several of Marina’s friends were missing parts of their fingers because Nibbles had bitten them when they came to visit.  No one was allowed to visit Marina’s house anymore.

But then Marina forgot to feed Nibbles for two days, and something even worse happened.  Nibbles didn’t starve to death or get weak from lack of food, like Marina’s parents warned her.  Instead, Nibbles started to grow.