Middle-Grade Fiction

Novels, Novel-Length Collections, & Short Stories for Kids

 as De Kenyon

(middle grade fiction, ages 8-12;
science fiction, fantasy, and horror)

The Exotics Series

Smart kids need smart adventure books!  Written to lure my daughter away from video games…full of adventure, plot twists, and surprises! Written to introduce new words and concepts for young but advanced readers.


The Exotics #1:  The Floating Menagerie

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Rachael discovers a world of spies and magic! Her missing mom is an Exotic, or a person infected with a magical virus that lets them turn into animals.  Now Rachael’s been kidnapped to make her to give up her mom’s secrets…and has to rescue a group of Exotic kids trapped on board a ship in the middle of an ocean!


The Exotics #2:  Xanadu House

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Rachael went back to her normal life…except that her mom is still missing. Now she’s infected with the Exotics virus and is changing just like her friends. She travels to a safe place for Exotics in danger, a house owned by an aunt that Rachael never knew she had, and who will protect any Exotic, no matter which side they’re on. But is Xanadu House as safe as it seems?



The Exotics #3:  The Subterranean Sanctuary

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Everything was supposed to be perfect for Rachael and her friends now.  But her parents do nothing but argue.  Her Exotic friends have to pretend to be normal.  Her human friends hint that it might be better if the Exotics just disappeared.  And now the horrible Mr. Hightower wants her to spy for him…on her mom.


The Defenders of Dreams Series

The Society of Secret Cats (Defenders of Dream #1)

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What if cats were really there to guard your dreams? Handsome, dashing Ferntail the cat must rescue  his human charge from a nightmare that invades her dream, with the help of a mysterious and beautiful cat.


The Nightmare House (Defenders of Dream #2)

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Ferntail the cat can do nothing about the nightmares the house is giving his family.  For that, a dog must be called in. An annoying pug puppy named Nodoji.

Only one question: will Ferntail or the house get Nodoji first?


The King of Cats (Defenders of Dream #3)

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Ferntail the cat and his friends have been summoned to the capital of dreams. Why? No one explained, but it seemed foolish to decline. Perhaps the King of Cats would like to recognize them for their brave and valiant deed.

Or perhaps the King of Cats needs their help.

Other Books

Tales Told Under the Covers

Tales Told Under the Covers:  Zombie Girl Invasion & Other Stories

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Ten tales of zombies, wizards scared of their own powers, murderous pets, and more. Crazy adventures for kids who aren’t afraid to read under the covers, after dark.



Guinea Pig Apocalypse

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Galileo’s mad-scientist parents invented a matter replicator in their basement. For Guinea pigs.  Lots…and lots…of them.  Only problem: a squirrel army out to take control of the machine and get rid of the humans. Now it’s up to Galileo and the giant Guinea pig Max to stop the pigs from being mind-controlled by the squirrels and taking over the world!







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