The Company Justice Series

What if you could buy the truth?

It’s 2025 and the world is still the same.  Almost.  Private detective Frank Mallory works for Private Eyes, Inc. (PEI), the best of all possible private investigation firms.  He calls himself just another dumb gumshoe…but he’s the one who gets the job done, even as changing technology cuts the ground from under his feet.

PEI always takes care of its employees.  And PEI always finds out the truth.  For the right price.

Mindsight:  Company Justice #1

No idea is so good it can’t go bad.

Frank Mallory is a private detective working for a new type of detective agency: a well-organized one. Private Eyes, Inc., has the latest in data analysis, training techniques, cross-discipline integration, illicit back-door deals, and cynical programmers who don’t care what they have to do as long as they don’t lose their benefits.  PEI has it all covered.

The right mix of idealism and plausible deniability can work wonders.

But that doesn’t mean that Frank’s in the clear when he starts work on a case involving the new designer drug Mindsight.  Mindsight is a miracle drug.  It won’t give you telepathy, but it comes close, triggering a wave of pure empathy that helps treat everything from domestic violence to schizophrenia.

The problem is, if you take too much of it, you’ll understand someone else’s point of view…all the way to death.

Of course a serial killer starts butchering Mindsight addicts.  As if nobody could see that coming.  All he has to do is ask nicely.  And maybe offer a little something the victim can’t refuse.

The real twist is when one of his victims fights back…and takes down a cop, saying that he admitted to being the serial killer before he died.

Frank’s hired to find solid, incontestable proof that the man, someone he used to work with, is actually the murderer, so a rich man’s daughter, the purported victim, can walk free.

Seems straightforward, right?


Book 1 in the Company Justice series, starring Frank Mallory.

(Some violence, not much gore or strong language.  Some unpleasant empathy moments.)

Darkscan: Company Justice Book #2

So much for what you see is what you get.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to demonstrate the sweet new features of your new futuristic smart-materials building. Maybe even at the stroke of midnight. But then the lights go out, the security systems go into overdrive, and every method of communication in and out of the building cuts off.

What’s going on inside? Nobody knows.

But private detective Frank Mallory has been hired to find out. Or rather to find someone inside the building and bring them out.

Not the Templeton brothers, who own building as well as the second-biggest construction company in Minnesota. Not the genius savant wife of one of the brothers. But the wife’s estranged sister, a historian who only went to the New Year’s Eve party to try to patch things up. Lexie.

Who just happens to be married to the owner of the biggest construction company in Minnesota, Ed Rosnow.

Who just happens to have all the specs for the new smart building.

And has downloaded them to a pair of smart lenses produced by the Templeton brother and designed by Lexie’s sister Lorna, the genius.

Wonder how Ed got those…

Or the location of the secret underground entrance to the building.

But Frank really doesn’t need to know.

Get in. Find Lexie using the Darkscan lenses as an overlay map. Get her out.

It should be a simple job.


Book 2 in the Company Justice series, starring Frank Mallory.

(Some violence and gore, not much strong language, no sex.)